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This post might be a little long... [Sep. 24th, 2008|09:43 am]
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[Oh how I feel. . . |contenthung over!]

So I haven't written on this since before I moved. There is a lot to catch up on.

The three day moving trip out here was a little hard but all worth it. On Monday Miles and I had our one year. Didn't go to the party our friends had. I'm glad though, I've partied almost every day in the last 3 weeks. I really can't wait for randoms to stop coming to my house and fucking up my shit. We got the cops called on us last night. We had probably 100 people in our house. (Doesn't seem like a lot, but the house doesn't hold that many people and when everyone is drunk and makes even less room) So right after hitting a bowl i hear the cops are at the door. I try to get everyone in the house to shut up but since I live in a "frat" house and I'm a girl no one thinks I live here. But Miles came back in and said everyone had to go. I looked at the group and yelled to get the fuck out my house. Some people looked at me others i guess thought that i wasn't fucking around and left. took me forever to get them to get the fuck out or shut up. I just really hope that we don't have a party at our house again. I don't want to clean that shit up. But on another note when I was all fucking drunk the other day got in a huge fight with Miles over something dumb (and I know that now) and was hanging out in the middle of the road Miles pulled me out of the road and I fucked up both my hands, one of my knees that is getting better and the arch of one of my feet. And that shit hurts the most. I can't walk, and I can't play my favorite beer game cause I can only run on one foot.

Europe was better then I thought it was gonna be. I hated my backpack!!!!! Half way through the trip I just wanted to burn the shit. Its nice to know that at one point this summer I was healthy and able to hike up a mountain carrying my 45 pound backpack. Czech was tight but after a few days of being in cities it was nice to go into the middle of nowhere and camp for a few days. Wasn't really feeling poland. Got a lot of money stolen from us on the train to poland. Didn't find out till way later. Got kicked off the train in some random little ass town in the middle of nowhere where no one speaks english. Sat around for a while till our next train got there and made it to Warsaw. It was a big city and looked like most the big cities in czech and some other places. So I really didn't give a shit. The whole time we were in Poland we drank. I don't really remember Poland I guess cause I didn't enjoy my time. The one thing I have to say about Poland is "fuck little dumb British bitches who needs to learn when to say shit, because next time they talk shit they gonna get the shit kicked out of them". Sorry for that bad shit! Next stop on the trip was slovakia! By far my favorite. There was nothing like camping at the bottom of some mountains and climbing every day to a new mountain top and looking out onto the land.
The picture is on the highest peak. Miles and I climbed it in one day and when we got to the top I was so cold that I just wanted to get off the mountain, drink some beer and eat my bread and cheese and sleep for 2 days. And I believe thats what I did. Next was Austria. Saw Tiesto and raved all night! Had a blast going to all the tight clubs and bars in vienna. After a week of not having to carry my backpack or do anything we left again but this time our month and a half long trip was coming to a close but we had one last stop and that was Amsterdam!!!! I really think I'm gonna move there. I can own a bike and ride around all day. The coffee shops were so much fun. Find Grey Area if your ever in Amsterdam. Miles and I walked around and looked at everything. I love the way the city is set up, but the whole time we were there I was lost and had no idea where i was going. I wish I could tell you all the stories and all the crazy shit that happened and we saw. some stories would have you rolling on the ground others would make you think about never talking public transit ever. But it was a great time.

Right now I'm lying in my bed next to my super sexy boy who is passed out from a great party last night. Finished one keg and I believe anywhere from 8-10 half gallons of vodka. I have a super bad hang over right now. And wish that it wasn't so bright in my room. I hope you enjoyed reading some parts of my europe trip and this summer. I saw post pictures when I can charge the camera.
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its coming true. [Feb. 23rd, 2008|12:39 am]
i have 2 days till i leave. i'm really excited but i'm also a little scared. i hope that everything works out for me.

but if anyone is around that still reads this and wants to hang out for a little before i leave leave me a comment or call/text me [(248)719-2369]
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its really happening... [Feb. 4th, 2008|04:28 pm]
[Oh how I feel. . . |excitedexcited]

i'm really moving. on feb. 25th i will leave this terrible state. i have 3 days on a train but i think its worth it to be with my man.

i'll be back for you michigan but not for a couple of months.

if anyone wants to hang out before i leave just leave me a comment.
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(no subject) [Jan. 13th, 2008|02:19 pm]
[Oh how I feel. . . |lonelylonely]

hello everyone i hope you christmas and new years were grand. mine was the best i was with my man for a week longer then we were supposed to be. he got really sick so i took care of him. but after he left yesterday i really relized that i can't live in this state anymore. i really think i'm gonna move to california. i don't really have anything left in this state. i know my family lives here but i don't have really any friends here. and i know miles misses me. he keeps telling me to move out there with him. i need to get a job first though. does anyone know where i should go? I'm gonna try to hit a bunch of places tomorrow.

i want to hang out with some people soon. i don't really have anyone to though. i really just want to watch the chargers game with my man and his roomates. drinking beer and hanging out.

i'm thinking about another tattoo. maybe a little heart on my wrist. nothing big, something to show my love for him. keep it black just the outline.
maybe something like that. i don't know though. tell me what y'all think.

one last thing, i miss you!
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i miss you... [Dec. 9th, 2007|10:05 pm]
[Oh how I feel. . . |cheerfulcheerful]

So I'm sitting at home in my pj's watching a show on the history channel. Its really good! I've been looking forward to this show for like 2 weeks now. It is 1968 with Tom Brokaw. There is a sign I just say that said "America: Love it or Leave it" um I think I would rather leave then be here. I wasn't gonna go there with this. All of the people Tom is talking to are acting like its a real interview but Tom is just kinda hanging out. Its funny.
I know no one will read this one cause now I'm gonna write about Miles and how much I freaking miss him. For a couple day I thought about not moving out to California with him. But I know that I would be crazy happy out there with him. I just really wish my family would stop being assholes to Miles. He isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I'm happy with him, yes he has done some dumb shit but no one is perfect. They don't know what Miles and I are like together. God we can't get enough of each other. We don't yell at each other, we always are smiling and giggling with each other. My mother has told my sister what she thinks goes on with Miles and I because she hears us talking to each other at night. But really she has no idea. It is really hard to not be able to be with him every day but we make it through it and think about the next time we are with each other and how happy and a great time we will have together. I'm just getting really sick of people trying to break us or talking shit about us. If we are happy just let us be. I don't fuck up other peoples happiness why do people always try to ruin mine. My sister drunkenly told me last night that she didn't want me being with Miles because she had a feeling he was a bad guy. I'm sorry but if he was he wouldn't be my best friend and my boyfriend. I wouldn't love him as much as I do if he was a bad guy.
Now I'm just missing Miles even more then I already do. I can't call him the boy are becoming men tonight. I'm so proud of them. I miss the boys they were funny. There is a bird in my house that I'm really just about to set free outside. Its really getting annoying!!! I would really like my sister to come take her fucking annoying bitch of a bird. I tried to hold it cause I thought it would have shut up but it fucking bite me!!
My mom just got home and she is bitching. She is pissed because she thinks everyone is out to get her and that doesn't get what she deserves. She just doesn't think that maybe she asks way to much of people. She wants me to go to Med school and be an A student and do all of this stuff but she doesn't get that its a lot harder then it looks. But because of that I'm a retard and I can't do anything. But I'm pissed at my mom. While I was out of town she went through my room and got rid of a bunch of my stuff without asking. So I went looking for a book today that I wanted to read and she got rid of it. It was a book that I bought and loved and she just got rid of it.
But I'm done with this blog cause 1968 is over. Thanks to those who read this.
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... [Dec. 1st, 2007|11:21 pm]
[Oh how I feel. . . |frustratedfrustrated]

so i'm gonna write in this cause i'm really pissed off and have no one to talk to. miles isn't picking up his phone because he is drunk at some football game. and i was looking at someone's myspace and a comment that i left on a picture a really long time ago and some fat bitch thought she had the fucking right to post this "Hahahaha, I just read the first comment you have on this picture and just thought to myself wow, now THAT'S the definition of a conniving bitch. I thought that was supposed to be me? Lol." i was so close to fucking sending her a message that just ripped her fat slut ass apart. but me trying to me nice didn't. i'm still pissed and if i ever see her in public i'm gonna fucking beat the living shit out of her and her new "best friend"! but i'm gonna move on cause i'm really pissed!!

but i've been feeling that something is wrong that someone is telling me. my horoscope told me to wait and it will come out. but i really can't wait, i want to ask miles if there is something that he isn't telling me but i don't want to be like i don't trust him. but i have no idea what he does at night while i sleep and he is at a party getting drunk.

i'm so stressed. i NEED to move. and i have no money to move or where am gonna move to. my family has been all over my ass about nothing. i'm kinda over my whole family.

i think i might sleep because there is nothing on tv and i'm really bored, problem though i'm not tired at all. but i get to sleep in for once and i get to make a shit ton of cookies tomorrow which i'm kinda excited about i love making cookies.
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my life kinda sucks... [Nov. 26th, 2007|11:53 am]
[Oh how I feel. . . |depresseddepressed]

so since my last post 2 days ago, i've been kicked out of my house, told i'm pretty much gonna do nothing for the rest of my life and i'm a failure to the family.
my mom told me on the way home from picking her up at the airport that i have till feb. to be moved out. one big problem i have no where to go. i can't live with miles because we would kill each other and my sister is still living in my house so that doesn't really work. i don't really want to live with my aunt and uncle again. so i guess my only chose is to live on the streets. how fun does that sound? i could be like the 2nd northville bum.
i'm so sick of my family fucking being dick holes. i was on the phone talking to miles last night and my family was standing 10 feet away from me talking about me. how fucked up is that? and when i said something about it they were like your on the phone and whatever it doesn't really matter. we can talk about you if we want. i flipped out and called them all assholes and left the room.
my sister also things that i'm gonna let her sleep in my bed while i'm here. while i was in california she slept in my bed and moved everything around in MY room. and now that my mom is home my sister has to come back to my room. and she think i'm gonna let her sleep in my bed. she got pissed at me because i said no it was my bed.
i'm so sick of my family and this post.
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i've been home less then a day and i want to leave again... [Nov. 23rd, 2007|12:51 pm]
[Oh how I feel. . . |lonelymissing him.]

so i'm home finally after a month. and it hasn't started out good at all. got off the plane and totally forgot how to get to bag claim. then my sister told me my aunt was picking me up not her. had to stand outside in the snow to wait for my aunt to drive up cause everyone was parking where they shouldn't have. i get home to find my family is already drunk and has eaten all of the thanksgiving food leaving me with things i won't eat. so i ended up having bagel bites for my thanksgiving and the whole time my family gave me shit about it. then after not being able to drink or smoke the whole time i was there we came home. my sister threw up in the starbucks parking lot at 2 am. then i finally get home and all i want to do is climb into my nice, warm, very comfy bed and i can't do that cause like everything else in my house it has been moved or hidden from me. so of course after sitting on a plane all day to come home to a house you don't want to be in is a little stressful so i freaked out and was throwing shit around and making all this noise(mind you it is like 3 am). so after this my sister and i pretty much just go at it with each other. i'm yelling at her she is yelling at me, it was bad. but we talked it all out and now i guess we are ok. but i got a call from my aunt asking about my cousin who stayed here last night(good thing she did, helped me and my sister with all of the bull shit). but i'm still on cali time so its like 9 am when i get this call but its really 12 here. i was kinda upset by that. why would she call me. but i had to get out of bed and check to see if my cousin was still alive and awake, which she is.
but now i'm sitting back in my room on my bed talking to my very handsome man online, missing him like crazy. we are talking about when we go to florida and about me going to new york with him right after that. i'm really excited about that. it sucks though cause i have to find a new job and its gonna be really hard to do that and then have to tell them that i'm going to new york and florida for 2 weeks in december. yeah it might not fly. but its worth a try. this post is very long.
so i'm feeling better but i spent a hour trying to fall asleep last night cause i was coughing and i didn't have my boy to hold me in his arms. :( it was really lonely sleeping by myself all last night. its nice having someone next to you while you sleep and knowing you are gonna wake up to them and their kisses and hugs. but its only a couple of weeks till i see him again hopefully it won't be that bad. i just want time to go by really fast till he gets here then slow down to a crawl so i can have a lot of time with him.
but i now think i'm done with this very long post. sorry about that everyone. have a great weekend and call me if there are any parties to go to i'm looking.
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(no subject) [Nov. 21st, 2007|11:18 am]
hello again,
i'm sitting on a couch watching made and this guy wants to make clothes and have a fashion show. i thought it was kinda guy. and he is all upset that his guy doesn't like anything he has done. its really stupid but there is nothing else on. i would go back to sleep but i can't i have to wait for miles to get off work to go pick him up. i'm really gonna miss him. i got really used to being with him all the time. i think the one thing i'm gonna miss the most is waking up without him next to me. i really don't want to go home. i leave tomorrow and i have nothing packed most of my clothes are still lying on the floor. i'm wearing miles clothes right now cause i washed all mine and i haven't done anything with them yet. i don't want to cause it means i'm leaving miles for a little over a month. i think its really funny that the longest time we spend apart is like only a month or a little over a month. but i'm really excited i'm going to new york with him before we go to florida with my family. i miss him already and he is only at work. is that sad? i miss my boyfriend that i haven't seen in like a hour. and i'm gonna see him in half a hour when i pick him up. this guy is crying on tv. what a fag!! so i'm feeling a little better. my cough has gotten a little better and i don't have a runny nose really anymore. i actually got my first night of sleep were i didn't wake up all the time coughing and blowing my nose it was so freaking nice. haha miles and i drew on his roommate last night cause he passed out after i picked them up from some thing they had to do. we tried to wake him up before we fucked with him but he was gone. he started drinking before we left and then he probably drank a shit load at this thing. so i'm really bored now. i'm gonna finish watching this show then go pick up my handsome man! again this is a lot longer then i thought.
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(no subject) [Nov. 20th, 2007|01:49 am]
well hello everyone.
so i'm posting again cause i have nothing to do at 2 am when i can't leave a room. it kinda sucks that i can't leave this room. i'm getting really bored and lonely. i've done everything on a computer. i fucked around on myspace reading peoples blogs and looking at their pictures but that got really boring very fast. i'm to lazy to even think about fucking with facebook, i get so mad at that shit. but had a really random night so far. since i've been really sick lately i've been no stop coughing which means i can't sleep. but miles and i were sleeping cause he has a mid term to study for and was gonna study in the middle of the night but i ended up keeping him up by coughing which i feel bad for because that means he got no sleep but i didn't either. but i got up and went to the kitchen to get water for my cough and there are like 20 guys just standing around talking to each other. really bad thing is i almost went out there in just a big shirt. how weird would that have been to walk out to the kitchen in a shirt with a bunch of guys standing around looking at me. its already really hard being the only girl in a house of 4 guys. i had a pretty boring weekend. went to L.A. to stay with me family up there while miles went and had bro time. it was kinda sad being alone for the weekend when you've lived with someone for almost a month. its gonna be really weird to go home and not wake up next to someone or spend your day with them. AHHH really weird i can hear someone yelling about something to a bunch of guys. i know why all of these guys are at the house i just can't write or talk about it. i should really be sleeping, but i can't. i haven't slept in so long that my body just doesn't want it anymore. this blog is all over the place. my eye is really fucked up right now. i can't see out of it but it doesn't hurt at all. its annoying. but now i'm sitting in miles room with him and 3 other guys that are really fucked up. we are smoking its sweet. maybe it will make me tired. this is truning out to be longer then i thought. it started out just that i needed something to do. but i think i'm done for now i'll be writing more soon.
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